The Music Specialist DJ Mello is in charge of the music services at  We specialize in Hip Hop (old school & new) & Soul (contemporary, neo soul, and old school R&B) music.  We provide you with access to the latest Mixed CDs available on the street.   If you have a party or venue available, we can handle that as well.  

1. Anywhere in New York City & Westchester 
2. We provide all of the necessary equipment 

   for DJ ing such as speakers, equipment, 
 equipment  music, and transportation.
3. Up to 6 hours of service at a fee of $500.
4. An additional 2 hours is $150.
5. For venues or parties outside of NYC &  Westchester county services must include transportation fees.
Call us to purchase these items and discuss details.
Customized CDs

1. Customized CDs for businesses and party giveaways:

Call to purchase these items and details.

2. For record labels and artists struggling to break into
    the business, make you own customized mixed CD.
    A. Host your own mixed CD.
    B. Put one or two of your own tracks on the mixed CD.
    C. Or remake an old song on your own CD.
    D. Put all the latest tracks from all of your favorite 
    artists on your customized mixed CD.  
    E. CDs will sell quicker & profit from your hard work.
    F. Fee for such a CD is $500, which includes:
       1. 1000 CD inserts (card stock & glossy).
       2. Two copies of completed mixed CDs.
       3. Two jewel cases with CDs.

DJ Services
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Mixed CDs by DJ Mello
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The Music Specialist
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